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“The Christian Word” is meant to be a website that propagates the truth sourced by the Holy Spirit.

We live in a confused world, in a rush for glory and pleasure, in which spiritual darkness spreads its wings more and more, under the guise of an unprecedented increase in human science.

The end of this Earth is very close, counting the times at the scale of history, and God wants to warn the whole world of the war between good and evil. Every man has to choose, knowingly, who he wants to follow, who he wants to listen to, who he recognizes as God as Father, and that there are only two variants:

  1. God the Father, God the Son – Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, who are one in thought and feeling;
  2. Satan or the Devil, the former Lucifer.

We chose the first option.

God is love, the Creator, the Almighty and the One who knows all things, and all he does is for good, for salvation, for the happiness of his children. Obedience to Him brings liberation, spiritual and physical development, fulfillment on all levels, happiness in love.

Satan, on the contrary, in his wickedness and misery, deceives them and hits the children of Adam and Eve because he hates the One who created them in His image and likeness. Agitating spirits with slogans about spiritual liberation, exaltation through his own efforts, natural selection based on the primacy of intelligence and strength, and selfish happiness, leads man to destruction of soul and physics, to the abyss.

Who is the child of God?

Any man who wishes to do good and obeys God, living guided by the Holy Spirit according to the light that was sent to him by the Lord. So whosoever listens to the voice of conscience that has been planted by God fulfills His will, and in the Last Judgment will be absolved of any guilt by the sacrifice of the Lord Jesus.

We ask God fervently to make us worthy in bringing His messages for the good of our fellow men. Those written in this site are meant to be for the enlightenment, strengthening and spiritual building of those who want to follow Him who has made the supreme sacrifice for us.

We want that those published to be centered on the most important Christian themes, of which righteousness through humility and faith is at the forefront. Their presentation will be plain, clear, direct, to the point, without ambiguities, without sterile theological discussions and without distorting truth in the service of human vanity.

We regard the Bible as a landmark, as a letter of God to mankind, as a source of inspiration and information, and we are convinced that its study done under the guidance of the Holy Spirit brings light into this spiritual darkness which covers the Earth.

We are open to any opinion, even to the contrary with ours, if supported by the Bible, and we are willing to correct ourselves if we are wrong. Moreover, we are deeply grateful to anyone who will bring us further clarifications on the basis of the word of Holy Scripture.

We set ourselves in the service of God and pray fervently and constantly to give us humility, faith, love, wisdom and power to fulfill His will.